Hot Stone Massage

Prices for On Eagles Wings:
Cancer Patients going through treatment in the Bridgtong area Free.  Number of free services depends on cancer treatment.

Combination of 1 hr. facial and 1 hr. reflexology-$75.00
Combination of 1 hr. facial and 1 hr.

Our most popular-1 hr. reflexology and 1 hour massage-$75.00
1 hour  massage with hot rocks- $55.00
1 hour facial- $55.00
75 minutes reflexology with hot rocks-$55.00

special stones placed on key energy hotrockpoints of your body, with the warmth reaching deep into your muscles, to melt away tension and stress.

These smooth therapeutic stones have been polished by the waves of the ocean, and are filled with natural healing energy. Each stone is individually chosen at the time of your treatment.

Once your muscles are warmed by the heat of the stones, they are expertly integrated into a full body massage. The mixture of warmth, essential oils with a gentle gliding massage allows for a deep sense of relaxation, taking a feeling of wellbeing to a new level. Please do not plan on being in a hurry after this treatment

 Heated stone treatment goes beyond the physical and allows you to enter a deeper sense of relaxation, health and well being. The penetrating heat from the stones relaxes muscles, allowing trigger points to dissolve and fade with minimum effort. Some of the benefits include relief of chronic pain, relaxation and stress reduction, detoxification of the body, and relief of neck and back pain.

Each rock is heated and placed on key points of your body. The energy from the heated rock penetrates your skin for a unique soothing, healing experience. This treatment is perfect for those feeling stressed or out of sync.


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